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Aquatic means relating to water, living surrounded by or in the water.As people who feel the importance of connecting to water, in fact that its essential to our lives, we have established ourselves surrounded by it and spend as much time in it as possible! Freediving is one of the best ways For us the life aquatic is just that, a lifestyle As much as a dive school, its a place for people to share in that lifestyle, to enjoy discovering this freedom of expression and above all to have an amazing experience that we get to share in. We are here because we love the sea, nature, the sky, the stars and because we love peace. We think its really important to look after ourselves by looking after our world, and we love the way freediving brings people together and connects us.


Freediving instructors
  About us!

Life aquatic freediving and yoga school establish by Isabel Both and Adnan Yanbay's collective. Adnan take care of freediving, Isabel (belly) she is our yoga teacher. Story start 2010 in Thailand and move to Turkey 2014...

Kas accomodation
Kas Camping

Club Kaş Camping is delightly welcoming you with both its natural environment and hospitality since 1981. For you to rest &relax. At a walking distance to Kaş but miles away from daily life challenges. 

Kaş the best place for freediving courses
 About Kaş

Over the millennia Kaş has been known by many names including Antiphellos Habesos Habesa and Andifili. One that has stuck and perhaps the one that suits it best is Land of light. 

Kas actvities.thinks to do in kas

Hidden paradise of the Mediterranean. Kas has become  one of the most important  outdoor sports centers in recent years. Diving, trekking, climbing, canyoning and paragliding are among the other sports that you can do in Kas

kas dive spots
Dive spots

Kas, with visibility up to 40 meters, suitable water temperatures (20 ° C in May, August, 28 ° C) and a rich underwater world is heading towards being a true free-diving paradise. Efficient reefs, spectacular walls and there is a considerable wealth of fish. 

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