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The requirement to participate to this program is to be at least a SSI level 2 or AIDA 3* freediver and have your own equipment (including lanyard). Thisis a training program and not a course, so there will be no teaching materials, no certifications, usually formal program its 4 weeks,


We offer you to  5  trainee days a week and 2 days of for enjoy the beautiful surroundings. After complete you’re your trainee program, more than welcome share our dive school and continue your personnel trainee. During your master TRAINEE there will be an experience instructor diving with you at least 3 times per week. He will check your progress and give you guidelines for your future training on a weekly basis.  Not only will you naturally become a much better freediver due to all the in-water practice; you will also become a better buddy and coach. You will learn how to prepare different set-ups for different kind of diving, and assist. We have many professional freedivers visit us for their record or competition trainees; we are sure they like to share own experiences with you. Furthermore you will be able to assist courses as much as you want during the master program. Theory lessons, and there will be plenty of occasions to learn much about freediving physiology and other practical and theoretical facts by just hanging out with us. Also Master Program students enjoy the daily yoga classes half prices..
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